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Be a leader and a reference in the chemical sector in Quebec.

ADICQ is a catalyst for the dissemination and exchange of information for Quebec companies with chemical processes to promote their development.







The members of the Board of Directors of ADICQ have established a code of ethics so that everyone can act according to the same basic principles, which are:

That the association is composed of administrators with various capacities and potentials, all being necessary for the success of the ADICQ .

That we recognize each other’s individuality by treating each other with dignity and respect, these values are essential to the proper functioning of our association.

That we recognize and reward the contributions and achievements of our administrators and the permanence team.

That we continually work to improve our team skills, as we are aware that effective teamwork is essential to achieve our goals .

That we never stop learning as an organization and as an individual to be able to add new values . 

That we are relentlessly planning our future so that we can master our destiny instead of letting events lead us .

That we make all our decisions in the light of what is best for the association rather than what is appropriate in a given situation .

That our members are the sole reason for the existence of ADICQ and, to serve them adequately, we must provide services whose economic benefits outweigh their costs.

That we need to apply a touch of creativity to everything we do .

That we must practice the highest ethics in the conduct of our business in order to always be proud of the ADICQ .

That we will fulfill our responsibilities as corporate and individual citizens to win and maintain community respect .

As an individual and as a corporation we must strive to support these standards in order to be respected as individuals and as organizations .

Inspired by Les principes fondamentaux de Buckman

ADICQ, 1271 rue Ampère, Boucherville, Qc. Canada. J4B 5Z5

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